Computer Security Training, Business and Leadership Resources for Small Business Owners

By: Eduardo R. Zayas-Quiñones

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Computer Security is a topic of increasing interest to small business owners

Shortly after enrolling in an online MBA program back in 2002, I realized that many of my classmates were small office or home business owners.  Although many of these individuals owned or operated small businesses specializing in industries not related to Information Technology (IT), they showed great interest in the topic of Information Security, also referred to as Computer Security. They were particularly interested in computer programs and technologies available in the marketplace to increase the security of their computer systems at their office and at home and recognized the importance of securing both information and applications stored on their computer systems and networks.  Encouraged by their shared interest on the topic of computer security, I decided to publish this webpage.

Resources for small business owners on Computer Security, e-Commerce and other Business related topics

As a 30-year veteran in the field of Information Technology, Senior Computer Scientist with a global Information Technology company and co-owner of an Internet Services company I have come to understand through my own experiences that in our global economy we simply can't disregard the importance of computer security. These days computer security is more than a set of "good practices" for individuals and small businesses who want to do business using the Internet and its related technologies - it's a matter of survival. 

The purpose of this Website is to share my experiences in the field of information security over the past 30 years with other small business owners, offering a variety of computer security resources so they can themselves secure their computer systems and perhaps develop more secure business practices. I publish here WebPages to address key security issues for small business owners like creating strong passwords, personal firewall security, performing backups, computer virus protection and wireless network security.

You will also find here some of the white papers I have written (my favorites) throughout the course of my MBA program. By the way, I graduated from my MBA in Technology Management program last year. Here is a short glossary of my papers:

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Defining Probability Theory and its Use to Make Business Decisions
Ways in Which Changes in the Global Economy are Affecting Monopoly Power
Ways in which a Purely Market Economy may differ from a Mixed Economy
Ethical Issues Managers Face in Creating a Diverse Organization
Components of a Good Problem Statement
El Colmadito Internet - A Market Segment Research Paper
Explaining the Theory of Comparative Advantage Using the Concept of Opportunity Cost
Comparison and Contrast of Total Quality Management, Open Book Management, Continuous Improvement, and Change Management
Macroeconomic Forecasts: Brought to You by Your Favorite Economic Weather Station

Computer security training resources

During my 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, I have witnessed hands-on, the growth of the computing industry. Of all my experiences in the field, I have found my involvement in the field of Information Security and Assurance to be the most rewarding of all. This field offers many areas of specialization to those who are interested and involves work with constantly evolving technologies to mitigate the inexhaustible advent of new security threats and problems. Whether you are an IT professional or a small business owner and are interested in Online Computer and Network Security Training or Certification Resources I highly recommend you visit Technosphere.Net. There you will find many available programs - I'm sure several of these will meet your needs.

Where can I find classroom based Information Security and Assurance training?

Many community colleges offer Information Assurance related courses as part of their continuing education programs. SANS Institute also offers multi-discipline Information Assurance related training - some of their courses are available online and others are offered in a classroom environment and in multiple locations.

Other education resources

For me, the time I have invested in technical certifications, undergraduate and graduate education level programs paid off in terms of securing a good job and salary. If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate level online degree programs then I recommend that you visit Online Colleges.

Hope you find the information on this site useful.

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